I received and put together the P barz today. They were very easy to assemble. Just to let you know I also have a set of Rogue parallette bars. In a side by side comparison, the wooden P Barz are more comfortable on the hands, the flatter base of the P barz makes performing certain exercises easier for me and my clients and the P barz are less bulky and heavy compared to the Rogue bars.

Nice work!  



Hi Dusty,

As promised, some feedback on my P-Barz. Firstly, assembly was a cinch. It's clear that the bars are constructed with a very high degree of precision, and I'm sure I'll be able to disassemble and re-assemble them numerous times if needed (for travel, perhaps) without worrying about stripping or similar issues.

From the start, I was really impressed with the craftsmanship. When searching the net initially for parallettes, the web is full of 'oh, don't spend money; just make them yourself out of PVC'. If only they knew the difference between homemade PVC crap and these, those comments would look really laughable. I've started on GMB's P1 program, and I'm really happy with the P-Barz. They're extremely comfortable and super solid, and they look good as well. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone.

Thanks and regards,


I wanted to drop some feedback your way. I'm new to gymnastics and parallette training so the only thing I had to compare your P-Barz to is the $275 pair that they use in the pilates studio of my gym. That being said, yours blow those out of the water. The construction is solid and I love the feel of the wood. You'll never truly know how much these have impacted my life(sounds silly I know, but I'm a personal trainer labeled as 'the bodyweight training' guy so a good tool goes a long way for me). I give you my sincerest thanks and will most likely be purchasing another pair in the future.

Hey Dusty, Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer support throughout the whole process of getting these p-barz! I picked them up on the weekend and have been playing around with them for a few days now. I must say that the construction and quality is top notch. If anyone I know wants some parallettes, I'll gladly send them your way.

Cheers from a very satisfied customer!


Hi Dusty,

Thank you very much for the parallettes. I assembled it last night and tried a pushup or two. Wow, didn't hurt myself! Nor, did the unit break. Soon, I'll embark on the GMB program they've put together. I'm an old and out-of-shape guy, but, in time, with diligence, I'll be even older and stronger. The bars are well-constructed; I shall feel safe building my strength using them.


When I received my P-Barz, I was quite impressed with your elegant design- a surprising combination of light-weight stability.


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