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The name Core Strength Company is not intended to capitalize on the growing buzz-word trend of "strengthening the deep muscles of the torso" or "core training". But rather refers to realizing one's inner "Core" strength to facilitate changes and improve quality of life.

This inner strength needs to be continually cultivated and when combined with a lifestyle based on movement, physical strength and play it will enrich the whole being... Body, Mind & Soul.

Combining a love for building, and a desire to help others improve their physical condition, Core-Strength Company looks to provide High Quality training tools, information, and maybe just a helping hand in organizing exercise with everyday life. Lofty aspirations?... maybe... but it keeps us going.

About Me

They call me Dusty, just a regular guy, hitting what we call middle age and trying to make the rest of this ride as much fun as I can. Leading a fairly active lifestyle skateboarding, surfing, running, biking, working out both bodyweight and lifting weights until around my early 40's. Then BAM...

Mid-life crisis, depression, negativity, excuses. Gained a bunch of weight to around 300lbs... Couldn't breathe... Could barely move... Thought I was going to die... Got scared... Then... 

After almost a decade of this negative pattern, I started doing anything a fat guy could do for exercise, began eating healthier, lost a bunch of weight and re-kindled the fire I once had for being active and truly enjoying life. 

With Core-Strength Company, I would like to pass along some of the inspiration, tools and resources I have found helpful in my rebirth so to speak, and in my ongoing quest to cultivate this inner "Core Strength". 

Also, I am a builder of things... In my working lifetime I have built everything from surfboards to hi-tech race boats, from skateparks to retail store interiors. Most of all I get a rush from building things that make people's lives better in some way. Building surfboards did this for me in a major way, but that chapter of my life closed years ago. Now, with the crafting of the P-Barz and other products, this rush and good feeling returns and I am so stoked to be able to bring these products to you. 

Thank you all who have supported this endeavor to date and look forward to more cool things coming on the horizon.

See ya' - Dusty

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